for those who love kpops

Tha article/forum above discussed about how the K-pop world is seen using the illuminati symbols.

Unfinished Pyramid (its
very obvious it has nothing to do with the zombie concept)

Water/Metalic Liquid symbolizes transformation

Snake found in the beginning of Heartbeat MV

Upside-down Star in Change MV
Lone Eye Symbolism (my hubby!)

Another Eye symbolism
Another Water symbolism (scenery changes to white in the MV)
ZE:A Mazeltov Pyramid found in their MV
Kara's recent Lupin Performance

The main reason why i made this topic is to make you guys aware that illuminati Symbolism DO exist even in the KPOP industry.

I am not saying to hate these groups but they do not decide on their own concept but their Agencies does.

Many artists like Kara, T-ara, BEAST...etc just recently came back with their dark concept (and soon SNSD) just keep an eye open for these symbolism BECAUSE THEY DO EXIST.

Also these are also found in many, many korean MVs, songs, Stage performances, Advertisements for many, many years, if you have not caught on by now then its time for you to keep an eye open.

aND THAT's not all.These are among the symbols I've noticed long before myself.

1) BEAST Yoseob's Illuminati temporary tattoo on his left arm

2) BEAST Shock MV
[The only thing I could sort of extract was maybe B2ST's Shock. vigilantcitizen's post on Lady Gaga talks about electrocution methods in order to fragment the individual's conscious so in order to create another persona that can be mind-controlled. The camera effects are really blurry and kind of show the mental state that a mind-control victim would be in. The lyrics also say 'I can't hear you', etc. which may reflect a mind-control victim's inability to properly respond]

3) Shinee's Lucifer

4) BoA Hurricane Venus eye signature dance. [e.g The Eye of Horus, Being trapped inside a glass box,Good to bad transformation and lot more]

5) DBSK Triangle

6) 2NE1 Fire[Blind+Deaf symbol, the Eye, etc]

7) G-Dragon Heartbreaker[too many! Apples, The Eye, etc]

8) Brown Eyed Girls'
Abracadabra and Sign

9) Narsha Bbi Ri Bop A MV (the obvious one)

10) SHINee Ring Ding Dong Mv [Good to Bad transformation]

Even Lee Joon is spotted doing the A-OK sign.Classic hand-gesture - the A-OK hand that represents 666 around the left-eye (all-seeing eye; the left eye is usually the one covered or used for this gesture)




the reveal!

nabilah said...

asalkan suju tk kena badi iluminati ni
kpop makin lama makin terjebak buat aku mls nk dgr lagu kpop dh

han eba said...

aigoo, haru T.T

Anonymous said...

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