True Love?

True love, which a majority of people would like to experience but could never find, can only be experienced when Qur’an’s morality and Allah’s good pleasure are considered.

A person cannot find true love without experiencing love of Allah. This is because the only true love is that of Allah. Love for the Creation and manifestation of Allah is a reflection of the love felt for Him. Love felt for a person, a flower or living or non-living beings, is meaningful only if it is based on love of Allah.

Love of Allah is a love that includes all loves and the basis of all types of love. It is a love, which gives the biggest pleasure and happiness to the soul.

The only way to love Muslims, beautiful creatures and all other beauties, created by Allah, is the unrequited love felt for Allah. One who does not feel a deep love for Allah, cannot love Allah’s manifestations.

-Harun Yahya

nota untuk diri sendiri dan orang lain
jom kita fotostat dan
lekatkan dengan gam gajah kat dalam kepala
silalah melekat ok
even angin taufan ribut petir datang pon still melekat.HAHA


nabilah said...


good reminder

khaliesah said...

harun yahya kot.
ske gila ayat dye

Anonymous said...

phewittt phewit

khalies dah start baca harun yahya

good girl :)

fastaqim kama umirta


khaliesah said...

saye kan memang good girl.baahahaha

nawal said...

i L O V E U~!!

khaliesah said...

ko nak ap nwal?

zida said...

ngeee. ingatkan khales dah jatuh chenta kat sesape. hahah ;)

*thums up~

khaliesah said...

jatuh cinta?jatuh moto adela.haha