Master Of Study

There are a total of 6 stars selected as the "Master of Study",they are:

1.2PM's Taecyeon - He has been known as a genius during his young age,he used to be an active member of chess club and he also participated in athletes club.

2.SHINee's Onew - He revealed that he used to be a top student in school and he was ranked at 2nd place in school!

3.Super Junior's Kyu Hyun - Known as a genius as he won a mathematics competition during his schooling days,and he has a weird hobby,that is to solve difficult maths problems!

4.Wonder Girls' Ye Eun - A top student in school,scored for every subjects except Maths as she only got 86 marks...Despite the busy schedule,she managed to do well in school!

5.Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo - She was excel in her academy but her dream is to become a hip hop singer,so she did not further her studies to Canada!

6.Jewelry's Eun Jung - An ex student of an international school in Inchoen,of course she did well in her studies too!

These are the Masters Of Study selected by netizens

Credits to SJ Market!

p/s;smoga kite jadi lebih hebat dari dorang! lets fight for our future!!


anis;LaDolceVita. said...

dlm bnyk2 ni,
ak suke cikgu nye.

khaliesah said...

cikgu dye klaka..huhu